About Us

So What is 41st Lat?

41st Lat was named to recognize the 41st parallel or latitude line on the globe. This area stretching across the Northern United States is known as the best area for growing the highest area for growing the highest quality cannabis. We are dedicated to offering exceptional quality products formulated to the highest standards. These aren't just words, they are the whole basis of our business. Our President, Garth Carlson, grew up on a farm in Southern Minnesota, learning the art, science and business of growing on some of the richest land in the world. The culture of a small town rural community taught him integrity, compassion and a desire to help his neighbors. That drive and a love for this country led him to serve in the US Army with many years of active duty overseas including tours in Kosovo and Iraq.

The will to improve the lives of others didn't end when he retired from the army. He remains involved in veteran and community organizations. When he discovered the benefits of CBD for himself he wanted to develop a business to share that with everyone and help the local rural farming communities like the one in which he was raised. Through much research, hard work and collaboration with experts 41st Lat was born!